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We're all in this together! To make sure that everyone has fun, can be part of it, feels safe, can get involved, can stand on and behind the stage, you have come up with something, because that's all you can think of! You train your staff, you have an awareness team, you think and act inclusively, you reflect on yourself and plan the next step, you position yourself against discrimination and show solidarity with marginalised groups? Then apply with your concept! The rule is: Not perfect but better. Even if you are still on the way to becoming a "festival for all", we are looking forward to your application!

The fingertips category! Year after year, we crown the festival that recognises the trends, sets the mood, ensures a diverse line-up instead of the same old same old, and also gets creative with the supporting programme. That's you? Then get to work on your application! Send us your line-up and tell us how you put together the best booking this year!

You don't score points with "fruit baskets at the workplace", but with real breaks and a respected closing time? With you, everyone is allowed to be who they are, to contribute their strengths and show their weaknesses? Instead of being a top dog, do you focus on listening? You manage to keep your people healthy and lively throughout the year and around the festival? Even through the pandemic, did your people stay or come back? Or are you in the process of building new structures that will ensure that everyone can work comfortably together? Then this is your category! Show us what you are doing, planning and driving in terms of (team) work!

No planet, no music! As simple as that sounds, it's actually quite drastic. So that people can still dance, revel, love, cry with joy and laugh at your festivals in the future, you turn the right screws. Whether it's a toilet concept, a deposit system, educational work, energy saving or sustainable catering, if you take responsibility and the future of the festival and the planet is on your agenda, then apply with your concept. Show us how you have already managed or how you plan to manage in the future to keep the festival meadow green even after the season is over!

When the village becomes a bed camp, when grandma Helga hands cakes over the hedge, when the kids offer the trolley shuttle service, it's festival time again! Instead of locust mode, you'll be riding the Soli train, instead of grimly looking through the building fence, people will be watching concerts together with you, instead of exploitation, there'll be inclusion. After a year's break, are you looking forward to seeing each other again? Tell us about how you create the most beautiful togetherness with your venue and the people there.

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